Nature & Waterfront

Nature and waterfront activities at Malvern Day Camp are full of fun and adventure! At the waterfront, campers master skills and challenges as they navigate a kayak up and down our creek. Under the supervision and guidance of our certified waterfront specialists, campers are instructed in safety rules and must wear a personal flotation device while in a kayak or canoe. They will learn boat handling, boarding, disembarking, changing positions and self-rescue in case of a capsize or swamping.

Nature lovers explore the wonders of the great outdoors on our beautiful 15-acre park-like setting. During our nature camp program, campers hike down our nature trails to seek out and identify crawling insects, birds and other critters, trees and plants. Were those prints left by a deer or maybe a raccoon?

Our young anglers enjoy fishing from the dock and creek walking along our fresh water trail. It is an ideal setting for fishing fun, using the catch-and-release method and a great way to discover an appreciation and love for nature.

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